Samsara Institute

Personal development and life challenges


​Rebalancing is a type of bodywork that combines awareness of the body, soul and mind.​           It entales individual body analysis, deep tissue manipulation and joint release as well as conscious breathing and awareness through movement.

​As a result the body structure and posture soften up and become more affluent and flexible - tensions ease.​                                                                                                                      Usually these tensions block a big part of our life energy and stop the body in its freedom to move and its ability to function. Therefore a wide range of complaints and problems can arise:

  • Headache, Migrane
  • Backpain​; Ischiaspain
  • Shoulder-Neck-Syndrom, jaw joint problems
  • Disturbances of the digestive system
  • ​Sleeping disorders
  • ​Depression, nervousness, stress,
  • ​Psychosomatic symptoms

Rebalancing helps you to bring these physical and emotional patterns of inner attitude and outer posture to your attention. ​They become visible. You are able to feel and experience them and therefore you will be able to change them. New opportunities become available in order to get to know yourself in a different way, to relax and to become alive again.

​The treatment consists of a series from 10 - 15 sessions depending on the individual history of each human being and their actual circumstances​.                                                              However it is possible to take single sessions.                                                                         One session takes between 75 and 90 minutes.


Why Bodywork?

​Our body is the foundation of our life and the contact with material reality. It constantly tries to draw attention to itself by tension and pain. But the mechanical way we live our lives makes us  numb towards our body and soul. To further develop and encourage the important contact to our inner self we need support from outside. The way I care for my body and keep it healthy depends on whether I am aware of it. Bodywork like Rebalancing supports this awareness and brings relaxation.